The Great King Arthur Crossword Puzzle
HINT! Before thou procedeth any farther, know ye that most of yon answers may be found in The New Arthurian Encyclopedia (Norris J. Lacy, editor. New York: Garland Publishing, 1991) and a concordance to the poetry of Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
This puzzle is copyrighted 1995 by Robert and may be downloaded and printed out for individual use only. So there.
1. [LEODEGRANCES] Belonging to Arthur's father-in-law.
8. [TOR] Glastonbury ___.
10. [WAGNER] Arthurian composer.
14. [AY] Expresses distress or agreement.
15. [AX] The Green Knight's weapon.
16. [MA] Igrayne to Arthur.
17. [FA] A long, long way to run.
18. [JC (Joy Chant)] Author of "The High Kings" (initials).
19. [REGUM] "Historia _____ Britanniae".
21. [FISHER] Title of the king who ruled 10 down (237 down).
23. [PER] ___ceval.
24. [CASTLE] Medieval fortress.
26. [TEA] Earl Grey.
27. [DEED] "When some good knight had done one noble ____..."
28. [LIE] "Our one white ___ sits like a little ghost..."
29. [TROLL] Bridge-dwelling creature.
30. [CAERLEON] Arthur's castle (think again).
33. [HIS] "A red-cross knight for ever kneel'd / To a lady in ___ shield."
34. [OH] Exclamation.
35. [ARL] Association of Research Libraries.
36. [DIM] "...these eyes of men are dense and ___, and have not power to see it as it is."
39. [FATE] "For man is man and master of his ____."
40. [EXCALIBUR] John Boorman film.
42. [QUEST] A knight's mission.
43. [OR] "But who hath seen her wave her hand? / __ at the casement seen her stand?"
45. [TOT] Arthur was this when he met 101 down.
46. [OR] "__ when the moon was overhead, / Came two young lovers lately wed."
47. [ANEIRIN] One of the earliest writers to mention Arthur by name (ca. 600).
49. [ISOLDE] Tristan's beloved.
51. [OUGHT] Should.
53. [AH (Arthur Hughes)] Arthurian artist (1830-1915) whose paintings include "Sir Galahad" and "The Death of Arthur" (initials).
54. [LYNETTE] She ridiculed 4 down.
56. [BLOW] "And up and down the people go, / Gazing where the lilies ____."
57. [TO] "And through the field the road runs by / __ many-tower'd Camelot."
59. [BLEEDING] The ________ Lance.
61. [TV] Television.
62. [YA] Exclamation (sometimes used to start a horse).
63. [AA (Aurelius Ambrosius)] Arthur's uncle (initials).
64. [EMS] Emergency medical services.
66. [BALIN] Knight with two swords.
68. [GRAIL] Often the object of 42 across.
69. [AM] " I __ half sick of shadows, said / The Lady of Shallot."
70. [VIVA] Long live the king!
71. [INDY] He found 68 across during the last crusade.
73. [ROYALLY] How Arthur might do something.
77. [ON] "__ burnish'd hooves his war-horse trode..."
78. [TOM] Boy knighted by Arthur.
79. [DO] A deer, a female deer.
81. [LEFAY] Morgan ______.
83. [SEA] Arthur was taken across this at the end.
84. [THY] "Let pass whatever will,... but in their stead ___ name and glory cling to all high places like a golden cloud for ever."
86. [UTHER] Arthur's father.
89. [IC (Irving Cox)] Author of "Lancelot Returned" (initials).
90. [HANK] Knight from Connecticut.
91. [SEGREMORS] Knight who searched for Gawain and found a magic island.
92. [GUENEVERE] Arthur's queen.
95. [IDYLLS] "______ of the King."
99. [LAKE] The Lady of the ____.
102. [BROCELIANDE] Enchanted forest.
109. [AA (Ambrosius Aurelianus)] Historical person on whom 63 across and 142 down may have been based.
110. [AGO] "A law was made a distant moon ___ here, / July and August cannot be too hot."
112. [TC (Thomas Chestre)] Author of "Sir Launfal" (initials).
113. [ONE] "For ___ brief shining moment...."
114. [RAIN] "I am going a long the island-valley of Avilion; where falls not hail, or ____, or any snow, nor ever wind blows loudly..."
115. [LANCELOTS] Belonging to the Knight of the Cart.
117. [RUSTIEST] "...for magnet-like she drew the ________ iron of old fighters' hearts; and beasts themselves would worship...."
119. [VN (VLADIMIR NABOKOV)] Author of "Lance," as well as "Lolita" (initials).
120. [KE (Keith Engar)] Author of "Merlin's Tale of Arthur's Magic Sword" (initials).
121. [SOLO] How a knight often travels when on a 42 across.
123. [DR (DOROTHY ROBERTS)] She wrote about Tristan and 49 across in "The Enchanted Cup" (initials).
124. [OBEY] "Yea, my lord, I know your wish and would ____...."
125. [AGES] The Middle ____.
126. [SM (Stuart Merrill)] U.S. born French symbolist (1863- 1915) who wrote poems based on 10 across, including "A l'Instant Auroral" (initials).
128. [LOR] "F___iant et F___ete".
129. [EXAM] Test
131. [YAR] Star Trek's Tasha
133. [OBERON] 118 down's version of the son of 81 across and Julius Caesar.
134. [KIP] To sleep.
136. [BILBO] Mr. Baggins (Gandalf's pal).
138. [MS (Mary Stewart)] Author of "The Crystal Cave" (initials).
140. [UT (U. Ashworth Taylor)] Author of "The City of Sarras" (initials)
141. [MGM] They produced 223 down.
143. [OMEARA] Author of "The Duke of War."
145. [EN] In (Spanish)
146. [AE (Annie Ellerman)] Author of "Ruan" (initials).
147. [REMOTE] "...That sparkled on the yellow field, / Beside ______ Shalott."
148. [NOS] Multiple refusals
149. [ISLE] "And that silent ____ imbowers / The Lady of Shalott."
151. [ROWLEYS] Belonging to someone who probably was present at the Birth of 142 down even if 118 down was not.
153. [NOR] "I never saw, ___ shall see, here or elsewhere,... so great a miracle."
154. [EMPEROR] "The _______ Arthur" by Godfrey E. Turton.
157. [LAG] Fall behind.
159. [ERA] A period in history.
160. [EMRYS] The Welsh name for 109 across.
162. [IT (Irwin Tucker)] Author of 11 down (initials).
164. [ZIMMER] Marion ______ Bradley.
167. [HARP] Tristan's instrument.
168. [NEK] Carbo___ (another name for the castle in 10 down.
169. [SWANS] Animals that carry away Lohengrin.
170. [INN] The Boar's Head
173. [HEAVEN] "But then the times grew to such evil that the holy cup was caught away to ______, and disappear'd."
175. [ELIOT] Author of 10 down.
176. [ARENA] Where contemporary tournaments might be held.
178. [NOR] "I know not what I am, ___ whence I am, ___ whether I be king...."
180. [GEM] "His talk...was wont to glance and sparkle like a ___ of fifty facets."
184. [LO] Behold!
185. [EDDY] "There the river ____ whirls, / And there the surly village-churls...."
187. [TI] A drink with jam and bread.
188. [ARIMATHEA] Joseph of _________.
191. [APOLLO] Tristan's uncle.
193. [AIR] "...until this earth he walks on seems not earth, this light that strikes his eyeball is not light, this ___ that smites his forhead is not ___ but vision...."
194. [WAR] "Arthur is come again; he cannot die.... Come with all good things, and ___ shall be no more."
195. [EGG] "This ___ of mine was finer gold than any goose can lay."
196. [AWN] Beard of wheat.
197. [HEL] Goddess of death.
198. [INWARD] "And ever and anon a knight would pass outward, or ______ to the hall...."
200. [ARMED] "And everywhere the knights _____ for a day of glory before the king."
202. [TEN] "But ___ slow mornings past, and on the eleventh her father laid the letter in her hand, and closed the hand upon it, and she died."
204. [IH (Isabel Hearne)] Author of "Queen Herzelied" (initials).
206. [NENNIUS] First historian to describe Arthur as an important leader (ca. 800).
208. [DIETERICH] Fictionalized biography of 249 across by Bruno Gloger.
211. [NAZI] This kind of person tried to get 68 across away from 71 across.
212. [AT (Anna Taylor)] Author of "Drustan the Wanderer" (initials).
214. [NR (NEIL RANDALL)] Author of the Arthurian fantasy gamebook, "Storm of Dust" (initials).
215. [OT] Old Testament.
216. [URN] Container for ashes.
218. [NEB] A birds beak.
221. [JO (James Ormerod)] Author of "Tristram's Tomb" (initials).
222. [GT (GUILLEM TORROELLA)] Author of "La Faula."
224. [DECREE] An order given by Arthur.
226. [ROBIN] When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled.
228. [RIO] City in Brazil that has nothing to do with Arthur.
230. [LAWYER] "For the ______ is born but to murder - the Saviour lives but to bless."
231. [EA (Edwin Abbey)] Boston Public Library artist (initials).
232. [EASTER] "The live green had kindled into flowers, for it was past the time of ______-day."
233. [EB (EDWARD BAIRD)] Author of "They Went South by Severn" (initials).
234. [ILL] 237 down's physical condition.
236. [LB (LAURENCE BINYON)] Author of "Tristram's End" (initials).
238. [ORKNEY] 99 down's kingdom.
241. [TT (T. Hilhouse Taylor)] Australian author of "Parsifal" (initials).
242. [ALAS] A sigh for poor Yorick.
244. [GAIMAR] Author of "L'Estoire des Engles," an Anglo-Norman verse adaptation of 19 across, which updates it through the time of William Rufus.
246. [NI] The Knights Who Say __.
247. [EMERSONS] Belonging to the American transcendentalist author of "Merlin's Song."
248. [MET] "And oft they ___ among the garden yews...."
249. [VON] Gottfried ___ Strassburg.
250. [AMO] One might say this after reading a book by Andreas Capellanus.
251. [SPY] "Modred...climb'd to the high top of the garden-wall to ___ some secret scandal if he might."
252. [BAN] 115 across' father.

2. [EXCALIBUR] Arthur's sword.
3. [DANTE] He showed Tristan in Hell.
4. [GARETHS] Belonging to the "kitchen boy."
5. [RYE] "On either side the river lie / Long fields of barley and of ___..."
6. [CAMELOT] Arthur's castle.
7. [EX] Former.
9. [OF] Lady __ Shalott.
10. [WASTELAND] Area surrounding Corbenic, where 68 across was kept.
11. [GREAL] San_____ (another name for 68 across).
12. [EL (Emil Lucka)] Author of "Isolde Weisshand" (initials).
13. [GARD] Joyous ____ (Lancelot's castle).
16. [MI] A name I call myself.
17. [FEE] Payment.
18. [JC (John Ciardi)] Author of "Launcelot in Hell" (initials).
20. [GEOFFREY] Author of 19 across.
22. [HER] "But who hath seen ___ wave ___ hand? / Or at the casement seen ___ stand?"
23. [PENDRAGONS] Belonging to Arthur's family.
25. [SIS] Morgan to Arthur.
27. [DO] A knight engages in derring __.
30. [CAXTON] Publisher of 37 down.
31. [ARC] "...this a bridge of single ___ took at a leap..."
32. [EMBROIDERY] Wienhausen needlework.
37. [MORTE] "Le _____ Darthur."
38. [ESCHENBACHS] Belonging to Wolfram.
40. [EOS] Goddess of Dawn.
41. [IO] Moon of Jupiter.
43. [ON] "From underneath his helmet flow'd / His coal- black curls as __ he rode."
44. [ANNWFN] "The Spoils of ______."
45. [TINTAGEL] Arthur was born here.
47. [ASTOLAT] Elaine's home.
48. [ROLAND] Carolingian knight
50. [EREC] He neglected his knightly duties after he married 104 down.
52. [ALT] Supermodel.
53. [AN (Andre Norton)] Author of "Merlin's Mirror" (initials).
55. [YVAIN] Knight with the lion.
56. [BY] "A gleaming shape she floated __, / Dead-pale between the houses high."
58. [OAR] "The barge with ___ and sail moved from the brink, like some full-breasted swan."
59. [BRITAIN] The Matter of _______.
60. [IM (Ian McDowell)] Author of "Son of the Morning" (initials).
65. [AMY] Etiquette author.
67. [NIMUE] She enchanted 142 down.
69. [ALAN] First name of 150 down.
70. [VOW] "But since I did not see the holy thing, I sware a ___ to follow it till I saw."
72. [YDER] He rescued 92 across from a bear.
74. [ONCE] "The ____ and Future King."
75. [ASHE] Scholar of the historical Arthur.
76. [LEA] "Rain, rain, and sun! a rainbow on the ___! / The truth is this to me, and that to thee."
80. [ORS] Ands, buts, & ____.
82. [EMU] Flightless bird often found in crossword puzzles.
85. [YE] "__ have seen what __ have seen.".
87. [TM (Thomas Malory)] Author of 37 down (initials).
88. [HO] Laugh.
89. [IV] Intravenous.
93. [WILLIAMMORRIS] He made 92 across speak in her own defence.
94. [TENNYSON] Author of 95 across, 9 down, and most of the quotes used in this puzzle.
96. [YANKEE] 90 across' ethnicity.
97. [LACES] "A knight cast down before his throne...the _____ of a helmet crack'd."
98. [SALISBURY] Where 142 down erected Stonehenge.
99. [LOTS] Belonging to the father of 4 down and 180 down.
100. [KT (Katrina Trask)] Author of "Under King Constantine" (initials.)
101. [ECTOR] Arthur's foster father
102. [BURNEJONES] Arthurian artist (1833-1898) whose paintings include "The Beguiling of Merlin" and "Arthur in Avalon."
103. [COT] "Each evening from December to December, / Before you drift to sleep upon your ___ ...."
104. [ENID] 50 down's wife, who was made to prove her loyalty.
105. [LEERY] Suspicious.
106. [ARTORIUS] Arthur's Roman name.
107. [NA] Sodium.
108. [DIVE] "An arrow whizz'd to the right, one to the left, one overhead; and Pellam's feeble cry ... made him quickly ____ beneath the boughs, and race thro' many a mile...."
111. [GO] "But now the whole round table is dissolved...and I, the last, __ forth companionless."
118. [SHAKESPEARE] He may have been present at the Birth of 142 down.
116. [SOLOMON] His ship carried 172 down, 23 across, and Bors to Sarras.
122. [LONGTO] "From prime to vespers will I chant thy praise...till she ____ __ have thee back in lusty life again." (two words).
127. [METES] What Ulysses does with unequal laws unto a savage race.
130. [MIA] Missing in action.
132. [AB (Anthony Burgess)] He wrote about 2 down in "Any Old Iron," as well as "A Clockwork Orange" and a translation "Cyrano de Bergerac" (initials).
135. [PRERAPHAELITE] Group of artists including 53 across and 102 down.
137. [BEE] "But she was happy enough and shook it off, as we shake off the ___ that buzzes at us."
139. [ZELAZNY] The Last Defender of Camelot.
142. [MERLIN] The Mage at Arthur's court.
144. [MOM] Elaine's relationship to 172 down.
146. [AWL] A pointed tool.
149. [IRELAND] 49 across' home.
150. [LERNER] Arthurian lyricist.
152. [EGIS] Zeus' shield.
155. [ERR] To mistake.
156. [ASK] " ___ me not, for I may not speak of it; I saw it; and the tears were in his eyes."
158. [ME (Margery Evernden)] Author of "King Arthur's Sword" (initials).
161. [YEN] A craving.
163. [TWEE] Cute and precious.
165. [MELEAGANT] The villain who kidnapped 92 across.
166. [RIOTHAMUS] Historical person who may have been the real King Arthur.
171. [NT (Nikolai Tolstoy)] Author of "The Coming of the King," but not "Anna Karenina" (initials).
172. [GALAHAD] 115 across' son. He found 68 across.
174. [VOY] I go (Spanish).
177. [ROPE] "...Torn as a sail that leaves the ____ is torn in tempest."
179. [SIR] A knight's title.
180. [GAWAIN] Knight who accepted 15 across' challenge.
181. [MARK] 49 across' husband.
182. [SIEGE] The _____ Perilous.
183. [LAND] "Or is she known in all the ____, / The Lady of Shalott?"
186. [DON] ___ Quixote.
187. [TIDE] "For ere she reached upon the ____ / The first house by the water-side, / Singing in her song she died...."
189. [MG (Mossen Gras)] Author of "Tragedia de Lancalot" (initials).
190. [EWES] Sheep.
192. [OLWEN] Culhwch's beloved.
193. [ARTHUR] "There grew great tracts of wilderness, wherein the beast was ever more and more, but man was less and less, till ______ came."
199. [WHITE] Author of 74 down.
201. [RI] Rhode Island.
203. [NINE] Arthur is one of the ____ Worthies.
205. [HALO] Saintly glow.
206. [NINIANE] 115 across' foster mother.
207. [NAB] To catch or grab.
209. [TROYES] Chretien de ______.
210. [RODRIGO] Author of "Fructo de los Tiempos."
213. [LOGRES] Arthur's kingdom.
217. [REDLAMA] Tibetan monk, gules (two words) (It's late and I'm getting desperate).
219. [EN (Elizabeth Norman)] Author of "Silver, Jewels and Jade" (initials).
220. [MISTS] "The _____ of Avalon" (164 across).
222. [GLEAM] 142 down followed this.
223. [TABLE] "Knights of the Round _____."
225. [CALI] ____burnus (another name for 2 down).
226. [RYONS] King descended from Hercules who wanted to trim his cloak with Arthur's beard.
227. [BEK] He found 68 across for Lucifer in "The War Hound and the World's Pain."
228. [RA (Robert Ackerman)] Scholar who divided medieval English Arthurian literature into three categories (initials).
229. [OTTO] Holy Roman Emperor.
232. [EYE] "On either hand, as far as ___ could see, a great black swamp..."
235. [LAN] Local Area Network.
237. [BRON] King of 10 down. He was 188 across' brother-in- law and 23 across' grandfather.
239. [RIP] Tear.
240. [EM (Edwin Muir)] Author of "Tristram's Journey" (initials).
243. [AT] "And __ the closing of the day / She loosed the chain and down she lay...."
245. [MAB] Faerie queen.

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